Some assorted photographs taken recently that may be of interest.

A starling in my loft!

Starlings are often considered a nuisance, and this one was making considerable efforts to be just that. It must have found a hole under the eaves and tunneled up through the loft insulation. They are pretty, though, and I took this picture before finding a way to get him (or her) out without harm.

A fiery performance

This photograph was taken at a local theatre performance. The odd effect was caused by someone jogging me at exactly the wrong moment. The blurring and the red and yellow colours are reminiscent of flame, so the result is interesting, even if not what was intended!

Steam engine 1

I took these photographs while rebuilding a stationary steam engine for a friend. This example is a twin-cylinder double-acting stationary engine. Although many decades old, the company that made it is still extant. See Stuart Models It appears to be still in production, as the "Stuart Twin Launch", though it now features a reversing gear.

Steam engine 2

Another picture of the engine described above.